Solar Reflective

Commercial Window Film & Tint
Lowers Energy Costs up to 15%

Significant Savings. Rapid Payback. Smart Investment.

Energy-saving window film can boost the performance of nearly any glazing system, significantly reducing energy consumption and peak demand. Professional energy audits estimate that commercial buildings retrofitted with CB Tint’s commercial window films from LLumar slash energy costs for San Francisco area businesses by 15% by improving HVAC efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and eliminating hotspots. In just three years, your commercial window tint will pay for itself, and in the meantime, tenants and customers will enjoy uncompromised comfort.

Is Your Building Energy Efficient?

commercial window tintingThe U.S. Department of Energy estimates that one-third of a building’s cooling load is from solar heat gain through windows, and nearly 75% of existing windows are not energy efficient. LLumar offers an exclusive Energy Audit process that utilizes widely accepted DOE-2 analytics to determine how CB Tint can improve efficiency to deliver significant savings and rapid payback. And the LLumar Energy Audit Process is the only tool in the industry that has been independently verified by the world’s largest energy services company.

Take the LLumar One Minute Challenge™ now to estimate your energy savings potential and qualify your building for a full energy audit.

Made from tough polyester laminates and bonded coatings, LLumar Energy-Saving Window Films for commercial buildings:

View our solar control options with this LLumar Window Film Viewer or contact CB Tint in Campbell, California today to learn how LLumar commercial window film and commercial window tinting can lower your own energy bills with solar control window tinting, whether you work in San Francisco, Sacramento or San Jose.