Making Northern California More Comfortable with Window Tint & Film

CB Tint – Expert Installation for San Francisco Bay Homes and Businesses

Smaller energy bills. Increased comfort. Enhanced safety and security. It’s amazing what a sheet of window film can offer a home or business owner. CB Tint, a leader in window tinting and window film installation, has the experience, service and support to turn your windows into the first line of defense for your building – and your budget.

While windows offer spectacular views and natural light, they also let in harmful UV rays that damage your belongings, create hotspots, cause irritating glares and make your HVAC system work harder than necessary. LLumar window film is a virtually invisible layer of uncompromised protection that can be easily installed on any window, new or old, to strengthen its energy efficiency and block UV rays. In fact, window tinting lowers energy costs up to 15% while significantly increasing comfort building-wide!

In addition to defending you against high energy bills, LLumar window film also helps protect your windows from weather, vandals and break-ins – all without compromising the aesthetics of your building. We even offer decorative window tinting films for your interior to deliver unmatched style to any design project.

Whether you’re searching for a Commercial Window Tinting or Residential Window Film solution, CB Tint has the options you need and the service to bring it to life. Located in Campbell, California, we service the entire San Francisco Bay area including Sacramento, San Francisco and San Jose.

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